We provide design assistance to all our customers.  Our copyrighted designs provide clients with an "exclusive look" in their marketing area.  Our designers work with clients to design programs which complement their architecture and produce a promotable theme to encourage traffic.  Ease of installation and storage are always key criteria for the design of our programs.  Additionally, clients receive set-up and technical assistance to provide a smooth installation of their programs.

About Us

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 ​Brandano Displays, Inc. is the leading Premiere Holiday Display Manufacturer in the nation and has been the leader in Commercial Holiday Lighting in North America since 1973.  Family owned and operated, we design custom decorations and install displays and lighting for every occasion in all 50 states.  Leasing or Purchasing, we have a program  customized for all your decorative needs.

Brandano Displays, Inc. is a full service decorating company  that specializes in providing illuminated Holiday decor for cities, towns, shopping centers, festivals, enclosed malls and commercial complexes.  Brandano Displays, Inc. have produced exciting Holiday displays nationwide for over 40 years and can bring this experience to your decorating project big and small.

  Brandano Displays, Inc.

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